Kurt Hughes D38 Trimaran - Advise on construction area

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by Gambolputty1, Oct 24, 2014.

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    Long time lurker on this forum. Planning to build the Kurt Hughes demountable 38 Tri in foam epoxy. Got a few questions as I work out the logistics of the build.

    Building area: I was planning to build a raised floor in my back yard. Level. Strong enough to support the build. Concrete piers with 2 x 8 beams / joists and 1 inch OSB. Overall dimensions 40 feet x 12 feet (maybe a little bigger)

    I was going to tent the area with gantry frames built from 4 x 8 timber. I plan to hang some chain hoists off the frames to help move materials. I will be working alone mostly so need some mechanical help. Weather protection will be heavy plastic. Think very large, very square green house

    Glassing / Bagging: I was planning to lay formica down the center of the build floor to create the bagging area. My plan is to prebuild all the major panels, bulkheads, decks, etc prior to building the strongback over the glassing area and assembling.

    Material Storage: If marine ply, fiberglass, foam, etc are kept well covered / tented outside is that sufficient? Oregon weather tends to be wet with high relative humidity during the "not summer" seasons. Keeping the rain off is no issue, however do I need some humidity control for stored materials?

    Build Space climate control: Plan on using space heater / blowers to keep the tented area warm enough to keep humidity below 70%.

    Anything else I need to think through regarding build logistics?

    Looking forward to some input.
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    I would use Greenhouse plastic roofing. IT is thicker, stronger and carries a 4 year warranty against UV rays. I have used a lot of it to cover leaking roofs and shelters. comes it rolls 16' wide by 140' I believe. You can get clear or white.
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