Kitten 18 catamaran

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Cristian, May 23, 2002.

  1. Cristian
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    Cristian Junior Member

    Anyone building the Kitty 18 catamaran?
    Please inform were to find plans and pictures.
  2. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    Hi Cristian,

    First welcome to our forums.

    Now regarding your question I'm afraid I can't offer too much help - the only site I have bookmarked or can locate for the "Kitten 18" is David Roy’s at

    (If it doesn't work, try it again. Geocities seems to be a little unstable right now.)

    That is where you can find the plans/images.

    I’m not aware of any other sites of people building this design.

    I origianally heard of the Kitten 18 from David last summer - here is a post he made to another group which is probably where you heard about it (?)
    The email address he posted under was David Roy ( - have you tried emailing this address?

    Hopefully someone else can offer some info.
  3. Cristian
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    Cristian Junior Member

    Kitten-18 catamaran

    Thank you friends for your prompt answer.
    I'm going to try to get David.
    Anyway, awaiting any other new of the Kitten-18 catamaran.
  4. Tried to e-mail David Roy but the mail address did not work. Anyone have any info on this? I will be building a boat based off of his design starting in the next month or two and I would like to let him know. I will try to post something on the web as I go. thanks
  5. peter mcgrath
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    peter mcgrath New Member

    Disappearing designer

    Have also tried emailing Mr Roy, it also bounced. Am just clearing garage (may need dynamite) to start building something loosely based on his plans. It will sit very nicely off Tate Hill Pier, Whitby (where in the book, Dracula landed), I'll keep youse informed as things develop. Or go horribly wrong.

    Peter McGrath
  6. lane
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    lane Junior Member

    Kitten 18

    I have located David Roy. He is alive and well in Texas
    Lane Thomas
    Austin TX
  7. Greybeard Boats
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    Greybeard Boats AL

    Do you happen to know the E-mail Address?
  8. Trevlyns
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    BOATMIK Deeply flawed human being

    If you can't get the Kitten, strongly consider the Jarcat. It is much lighter with many (hundreds) boats launched. They are good performers and will save considerably on the timber bill because all the sizings are worked out quite carefully to be strong enough where needed without excessive weight or bulk - the 1/2" ply and 2 x 2" framing of the Kitten is more usual in multihulls of the 35 to 45 ft range. You have to build them light and smart (in terms of structure) to get decent multihull type performance.

    There are hundreds of Jarcats launched.

    I'd be a bit concerned about the manoeuvrability of the kitten as the hull has little if any rocker - something that experienced multi designers are careful provide just the right amount of. However it would give good performance under reasonable sized outboard/s

    One thing I do like is the longitudinal bulkhead in the cabin to break up the space. Good idea!

    The Jarcat is here

    Best wishes

  10. Manie B
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    Manie B Senior Member

    my 2 cents

    Jarcat would be the better choice

    i have just read both boats "web sites" and the Jarcat comes out tops in my opinion for the design requirements of Cristian

    However it would be nice to see more recent and up to date reports and pictures of the Jarcats in use. The web pages are showing their age and the younger generation will always be impressed by the excellent graphics on the Kitty 18 pages

    The Jarcat is still a very nice trailer cat
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