Kite power for boats - boats powerd by kites

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by 4wings, Jun 18, 2012.

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    In most cases the kite which is lighter than the boat will drift quicker downwind than the boat -- as such keep the lines away from the boat - once the lines have marginal tension you can relaunch the kite - which is with most modern kites easy to learn.
    If your kite dropped because there is actually no wind at all ... than neither boat nor kite would drift ... and you should not have a problem recovering the kite.
    Perhaps the following video will help understand how to relaunch the kite and if you keep a bit attention to the lines - you will see that the pressure is marginal while the kite is in the water - once it catches the wind - you have to watch out
    Hope this will help you a bit

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    I´m testing a 20 ft. tunnel cat `Harpoon 1´ with a secondary `kite` power system.

    So far the tests are yielding great results! Both under power as well as under sail.

    I´ll be reproducing the boat for the general market from my facilities here in Brazil.

    I´m posting images and footage on my facebook page: Don Brunton (Ilhabela, Brazil). Check it out!
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