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    15 or so years ago I built a Bahama Cruiser off a 24ft Carolina Skiff hull. Think I used 8 inch logs instead of the normal 5 1/2 for an 8+ inch bottom. PVC foam cored cabin forward. Sitting head room only. Bulkhead forward w/2 screened openings, 2 large oem hatches above making an anchor locker and very efficient ventilation system. Side scupper holes allowed the forward hatches to be left open anchored in rain while providing drainage for the anchor rode. Aft bulkhead had a standard sailboat drop-board hatch. Bungy cord screens. No sliding hatch on top. Approximately 20gal fresh water tanks / seats port and starboard. Lip around the fore deck to catch fresh water that would drain into the water tanks thru 6in OEM plastic screw plate hatches. Large consul, 70gal fuel tank under, 2inch urethane core built in 10/12cuft ice chest high helm seat. Super Large Bimini Top covered from a few feet of the transom to a foot or so over the cabin. One 45HP Honda and One 15HP Honda back up. Tiller steer autopilot w/ quick disconnect steering cable.

    This boat crossed the Gulf Stream many times seeing more then it's share of nasty weather, large seas and breaking inlets. Contrary to popular belief, flat bottom square bow and stern boats do very well in incredibly bad seas. No curved bow to impart a steering moment to the boat when depressed. Sitting on top the water there's no hole to drive out of. Very responsive to power and helm commands. Lived off the Ocean. Cooked on a camp stove. Chased down rain squalls for fresh water. 2/3 throttle cruise 12 to 14Knots loaded. Wide open around 18Ks. Spent most time skimming across the seas at a fuel sipping 8 to 10Knots. GPS Speeds. Spent over 20years sailing the Caribbean in SailBoats. Cruising the Bahamas in a boat that will float in a few inches of water is as good as it gets.

    For this Post; Well over 300Kmile range, easily trailered, nothing will plane more efficiently. Displacement speed?? Don't know if there is one?? The stern never depressed. No "Hump" as loaded. Love to see the Power to Speed curve.

    Sorry, no photos. The boat got lots of press after finishing a Florida to New York race in the 90s with 2 45Hondas. If Ray is still running Exuma Land Sea Park he may have a photo. The boat was donated to the park after years of use and abuse.
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