Kirby 36

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by sabre66, Nov 6, 2005.

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    Feedback on Kirby 36

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Could a VBerth be built or is the area in the forepeak too small? The broker does not have the key from the owner so could not provide internal pictures. Do you know where I could find a schematic and pictures of the inside? Is the builder still in business? Would she make a good boat for club racing as well as a reasonable boat for limited family cruising (parents with a 4 year old)? Is the head enclosed? I believe 6 were built. Do you know if they were identical? Are there any specific areas of concern we should look at in terms of condition? You mentioned that moisture and delamination problems had been addressed. Do you know when that might have been taken care of and were the problems created by improperly bedded deck fixtures, tow rail leaks etc and were they deck only or hull as well? Are there any owners you could suggest I call to get their input as owners. When you raced on her was she put under significant stress and do you know of any structural issues that may have been created? Do you know the current owner? I understand the boat was in Texas. I am assuming that she spent significant time in salt water. We are also looking at an F3 but it is somewhat more expensive. Any other input you could provide would be most welcome. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I have a friend with a Kirby 36 in Dana Point, CA. It has a V berth. Boat name is Getting Off. The boat was originally purchased as a kit, i.e. hull, deck, keel and rudder, by another friend of mine who was never able to finish it off. It is still pretty rough down below. I have only sailed on it a couple of times years ago and therefore can't really comment on the sailing characteristics.
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    Buy the F3. My father owned War Hog and I sailed on it for 15 years. I now own a F3. Much better daysailor and club racer.

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    Hey Dave, sorry to dig up an antique thread like this, but we are currently about to cut up a Kirby 36 that has been decaying in our club's dry dock. Is there any parts or rigging that would interest you as spares for your boat? Also, you mentioned the over 50 percent ballast to weight ratio, any idea how much weight in lead is in there keels?

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