Kingfisher 26 vs Ocracoke 256

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by johnnythefish, Feb 14, 2019.

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    These are two boats that I really like the looks of, by two designers who both seem highly respected in their fields.

    Kingfisher 26 Offshore Center Console Panga | Cerny Yacht Design

    Ocracoke 256 | B&B Yacht Designs

    Interested in hearing how they would compare in terms of:

    1) Build time and difficulty - one is sheathed strip and one is cold molded plywood. Also and advantages and disadvantages.
    2) Fuel efficiency at 7-10 kts.
    3) Top speed with the same engine - lets say a 150 HP for arguments sake.
    4) Efficiency at 25 kts.
    5) Ride and comfort.

    Both hulls are similar in length and have similar displacements - so I feel the comparisons are reasonably fair - but I accept that they are not built to identical design parameters, short of both being center console fishing boats!
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