Kevlar 4x4 a good material for boats?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by CanQua, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Would one of you guru's mind telling me if this material is good for boat building, and if so, what particular part? (hull, mast, bulkhead, etc)

    FMI®,Style 29-55, Wgt. 16.7, Oz./Yd., Thickness .028,Tensile,Lbs./Inch Yarn,Denier 2000warp 2000fill, Weave 3000warp 3000fill, Basket 4x4

    Certified to MIL-DTL-62474D for type 2, class B laminates. Checked out the mil spec and found out it's a resin composed of phenol formaldehyde and polyvinyl butyral. This is the same stuff that is in safety glass. And from what I can tell puts it in the phenolic catagory.

    Can anyone tell me how well it would hold up in a marine environment, or how well it bonds(or doesn't) to other resins? I might have access to some pre-preg carbon fiber as well, but haven't looked up the resin type yet. *Edit: the carbon fiber uses cycom 934 epoxy resin system.

    I would love to know any information you have, and if you happen to know of a website that has what i'm asking that would be great. Have access to about 1600sqft and trying to see if it's worth getting or not.

    I've access to ovens and autoclaves, just no real idea if it would be worth the time or not.

    Thanks for your time and patience answering my questions.
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