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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by SamSam, Mar 25, 2007.

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    A cut and paste from another forum. Available in April.

    Glen -L to sell Ken Hankinson Designs
    Just go this email from Glen-L and thought I'd post it here as I recall folks looking for a source for Hankinson designs not too long ago:

    For Immediate Release...

    They were Lost, but Now They're Found...
    Hankinson Boat Designs Now Available
    Exclusively from Glen-L Marine

    After Ken Hankinson's retirement in 2005, his skillfully designed boat plans were shelved never to be seen again even amidst an on-going stream of requests for his designs…or so we thought.

    Who can forget Ken's range of classic double and triple cockpit runabouts such as the "Tahoe" 19 & 23; the long, narrow '30's classic, "Miss Chris"; and his authentically-styled "barrelbacks" which continue to be requested by many...

    We are pleased to announce that all of Hankinson's designs are now available exclusively through Glen-L Marine designs in Bellflower, California.

    Ken worked for Glen-L from about 1965 to 1987, so his design expertise and commitment to detail are very much in line with the Glen-L philosophy. In addition to his boat plan business, Ken was writer of a monthly column in Trailerboats for 17 years and wrote articles for various other magazines including Boatbuilder and the former Western Boatman.

    After successfully founding and operating "Ken Hankinson Associates" for 18 years, Ken has moved on to greener pastures…or should we say, bluer oceans. Hankinson offered plans from other designers in addition to his own until his last year in business when his catalog showcased only his 50+ signature designs...

    Glen-L will sell all of Ken's stock plans, patterns and study plans from that final catalog, exclusively on their website "We're glad to finally be able to offer Ken's designs because of customer requests. We even set up a section in our online Forum for discussion about his designs as a service to our clients" comments Barry Witt, Glen-L's Webmaster.

    Visit Glen-L's website today for a look at the re-released designs as well as Glen-L's more than 250 other proven designs you can build yourself… Phone 562-630-6258, Glen-L Marine Designs, 9152 Rosecrans Ave., Bellflower, CA 90706.
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    I will keep on checking their website, they have not advertised their intent to add Hankinson's designs yet.
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    Use the search function or look under new in the plans section. They are there... I have already found the price for Ensenada...I only gotta work about 20 hours extra overtime to get them :rolleyes:

    Edit: Never mind here is the direct link:
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