Keel cooling schematics help

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by yodani, Feb 3, 2014.

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    It's what I have thought CDK. He ships to Romania for 120 USD so no problem there but I'll pass.

    I think I will build one from 20mm copper tubing and see how it goes. Will be probably cheaper too.

    By my calculations I will need about 15m of pipe for the ideal surface.


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    Our 50 Ft US Navy utility boat is powered with a 235Hp Detroit Diesel 6-71.

    The keel cooling consists of 2 - 21 ft lengths of 1 1/2 inch galvanized pipe that are curved to the hull contour.

    The coolant goes down turns 90deg with an elbow , a short nipple and turns 90deg again and goes back to the engine.

    Low cost , no hassles , and plenty of cooling , even here in FL. Simple works.

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    keel cooling

    i need to hijack this site and your reply. i want to keel cool my project amphibian.i need advice on cooling a 350 chev engine,with aluminium water cooled exhaust manifolds(small eldelbrocks) i intend to run 3' s/steel tubes(one only or two) about 8 ft long down lower chine outside hull (faired in) or cofferdamed into aluminium hull at lower chine, and add a small aluminium radiator with fan, and small vented expansion tank, and recirculate with 12 volt pump. the engine water will be separate,with radiator,possibly a heat exchanger raw water supply on demand, or recirculated,when out of water? the trans and transfer case will be cooled by radiator like in a car. any design guide would sure help ,before i get ahead of myself.

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