Keel builder in new England needed

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by scrivan2, Jan 26, 2014.

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    I was hoping someone would be able to put me in contact with a yard or small company that can help with a keel project on my Ultra 30.

    In a nut shell I would like to lengthen my current fin and attach a lead boot, the same relative shape of my fin. Thinking of adding around 2 ft.

    Would be best to find someone in Ct, RI or LI.

    Any recommendations?


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    Hi Andrew,

    Welcome to the forum. I used to live in Newport, RI, so I know a lot of people up there. You can try New England Boatworks as one option:

    Another is Seaglass Technologies in Bristol, RI, the owner is Bill Medeiros. He doesn't have a website, but he is located at 281 Franklin St., Bristol, RI 02809. Tel: 401-253-2156.

    Another yard that does very good work, and I have worked with them a number of times on big and complicated repairs is Jamestown Boatyard

    There's Brewers Yard in Westbrook, CT, Rives Potts is the owner/manager there: They do good work.

    Finally, you can try USWatercraft in Warren, RI: They are boat builders, but their Waterlines division can do the repairs. Here is their direct link:

    I hope that helps.

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