Kayak Flush deck Mountings

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by rwatson, Mar 21, 2014.

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    I have been 'flushed out' by Ancient Kayaker. I stuck an 'out of context' post in my personal link thread to help me keep track of a research project - Kayak Flush Deck Mounts. This would be a topic of interest for all kayak fitter outerers.

    I was not happy with gluing curved plastic tube under a deck, due to the lack of access in some parts of the finished hull, and the lack of versatility in using them.

    I did come across a Youtube video of routing out flush deck mounts from timber, but the amount of fiddling and finishing, inspired me to think of an 'easier' way.

    I have up to sixteen mounts to make, so the obvious thing to do would be to make them from moulds, and use epoxy resin to ensure compatible with the epoxy coated under-decks.

    The design I came up with ensured a self centering 'lip', and a recess for fibreglass rod acting as the tiedown point. I also wanted them to be circular, to make them easy to put in to the hull, using a hole saw. The other thing was to provide a bit of backing plate, to ensure they couldnt get torn out. Keeping them light was also important.

    What surprised me then, is that you cant just buy these off ebay ready made.

    I since found out what a lot of work making the moulds is, after making a few. I will post the pictures of the completed ones in subsequent posts. I am posting the cad drawings of the concept, to illustrate the planned final product.

    Meanwhile, if anyone else has come up with alternative solutions, feel free to add to this thread.

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    Hi. what you have invented there is called a surfboard leash plug.
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    By golly Trent, thats very close to what I wanted .


    I haven't figured out how I could use it on the plywood hull of a kayak - it looks like it is meant to be embedded into a foam or timber surf board.

    It also looks and is priced like thermoplastic - which would make it a poor candidate for gluing into place with epoxy.

    I might buy a couple just to evaluate them in real life.


    Found an installation tutorial, they do use epoxy to fasten it in, but it requires sinking into the foam or wood


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