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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by watuci13, Oct 24, 2016.

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    I had identified and researched the market already and i have a solid idea of the type i would like to build and also ideas of what improvements or differences i can add to make it desirable.

    as well as i said earlier i am going to involve pro paddlers and retail guys for feedback through the design phase to not to go off target so much.

    I gotta admit that there is a bit of a confusion in me whether to invest into a market research before doing anything or do something first and check out the market after that you can actually show something tangible.

    I have the confidence that the prototype is at least gonna get back the initial investment and that after evaluating the success and/or failure, i can improve and establish a successful business
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    Prototypes are usually pretty crude. They are for testing a concept and not well finished. Also, during the testing, they get parts cut, others added, etc. At the end, they look like a Frankenboat. Many years ago I started a prototype for someone that was going to go into wooden kayak manufacturing. She insisted on a well finished boat as a prototype. The cost was much higher, and she wouldn't let me modify it to see if any improvement could be made. It was finished bright and she wanted to keep it looking beautiful.
    Without a market research, your solid idea is only an opinion which may not reflect reality.

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    I gotta a great feature to include I haven't seen (officially) on any designs.....

    (intentionally) make it easy to sit up on deck behind the seat and also paddle from that higher position (in calm water), and make it easy to also get up on knees just in front of seat and paddle from kneeling position.

    I was able to do this on my old 14' Aqua Terra Prism SOT reasonably well (if I used PDF for kneepad), so I'm sure a few minor tweeks would make it near perfect, and without comprising the original seating position.

    It really helps to be able to work the muscles at different angles every so often, especially for those who don't put in 100hr/month paddling.

    IMO this could work on sit-inside kayaks, too.

    IMO this is the sort of thing that would make someone try a new brand.
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