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Kayak, Canoes Wanted Moulds

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by eps, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. eps
    Joined: May 2008
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    Location: Mexico

    eps Junior Member

    I look for molds of kayak of sea and canoes in good state. Molds of also sport fishing CC of 19 on 25 feet.
  2. carboncopy001
    Joined: Dec 2008
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    Location: vancouverisland, canada

    carboncopy001 Junior Member

    mold for sale

    Have 14foot kayak mold for sale post at begining of this form.

  3. mscofield13
    Joined: Feb 2009
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    Location: Florida

    mscofield13 New Member

    ive got 16feets long canoe mold it is clean and ready. I made few canoes it is weight at least 22lbs, very light canoe and amazing smooth on any river, lake or sea.

    I will send you picture of canoe mold if you give me your email address. I am set this price for $2,000 USD. I need get rid this out of my way before i can re-model my shop.

  4. canoemold4sale
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    Location: Wisconsin

    canoemold4sale New Member

    15' Canoe mold for sale

    I have a 15 ft fiberglass canoe mold for sale. It was left in a storage warehouse so I don't know anything about it other than the measurements. It is 15' long, 25" wide at the widest point in the center and has approx 13" high sides. It is just the female portion of the mold (no plug). It is in very good condition.

    Please email me at info@guardian-monitoring.com if you have an interest in it. It is located near Madison, WI.

  5. Clipper2
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    Location: Tampa

    Clipper2 Junior Member

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