Kavalier800 construction

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by happyjack, Jul 23, 2008.

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    Kavalier800 construction - can anyone help?

    Hello to all. Only recently joined this forum and learning how to get around. I hope I am in the right place, forgive me if not and please direct me to the correct place so I don't get everyone annoyed by the bunglings of a junior. I have tried to find details on the Kavalier800 and found that ALIK (Senior Member) has many questions directed to him for plans in ENGLISH. I have tried to follow these up as I also have a query on the centerboard as to how it is retracted. I pondered a simple pulley and cable running through a tube up and over he stern to a small hand winch. I am strongly inclined to build this boat as it appeals to me and would fit my needs. Question is, has anyone ever got these plans in English ( if so how do I get them as my Russion is non existent) and has anyone ever managed to build this boat? I have googled for info without success. build photos would be great if they are available.
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