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Discussion in 'Education' started by Andrey, Jun 12, 2004.

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    Hey everyone, im 20 years old i am originally from russia and i have a huge passion for sailing, so after years on the lake and month of thinking on what profession i want to go in to i decided on being a boat designer. I started some college here localy in michigan but i got descouraged because studying some english or history classes is not getting me anyware along with the profession that i want. however i took a mechanical drafting class and that was a blast. So i can say that i have a good math skills, good computer skills, and good paper drafting skills.. for an amature. Well anyway to get to the point, I came up with a plan for my school. I was thinking of going to some local college and get a certification in AutoCad and Cad, and then going to Westlawn TLS, and i am thinking may be i can scramble me somewhere a position as a secondary designer, or a helper may be. And I want to go for more but at least I will have some sort of a job... Im really excited and this is my dream thats gonna come true.. I just though id share it, and may be if any of u got any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them.
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    Look at other posts here regarding the usefulness of Westlawn.
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    hi Andrey,whatever the school you are doing,no one can say you will become a boat designer and no one can say you won't.It is that hard.But if you really think Westlawn is for you,then you should enroll.You will maybe see your friends less and be out of normal life while studying and drawing your boats for westlawn assignements but I enjoyed drawing my boats on my own.Every path lead to Rome.I wish you luck cause you have to decide yourself and maybe this is the hardest montain to overpass.Take care.Once i thought of westlawn,then I enrolled in nov 97 and graduated in march 03.But I was slow I am sure you can do it in shorter time.I am still not employed in a yacht design office but I do practicas .lucas TAKE CARE

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    Thanx, yeah i know its gonna be a long road, but i have a lot of time at night, and i dont have much of a social life at the moment lol, i guess im tierd of it, so i think i got about 5 hrs every night free that i can possible put some of it toards the study, so im hoping to go through with it, and yes im determined to do it, so ill see where it takes me. :)
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