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    I’ll find some specs. Everything I read, said it works just like eglass.
    Only difference between Sglass and basalt is
    Link to a pdf
    1: price (half the cost)
    2: impact resistance, like point load impacts, its many times more resistant to
    Skin damage then even the SGlass and Carbon. It’s not even close
    3: another huge benefit I see is, resistance to heat. The resistance to heat and possibly UV
    Is off the charts high. They use this stuff in high heat fire barrier situations!
    4: Stuff is less water absorbing then carbon fiber...
    5: It’s much more resistant to pirate attacks.
    Ha! (See vid)
    With a foam core in the tropics (Even with a white hull paint)this stuff is like sun armor.

    Any website that deals with China products sells it, Min order is around 50 L meters.
    There are company’s overseas besides China that sells it also, I will source from them.

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