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    I’ve lurked here from time to time and just joined, mainly to try to reach a few members directly (hi, Ad Hoc since I’m not too far away in HK) but because of the messaging restrictions and in the spirit of collaboration I’ll post here… not usually my MO to look around for free engineering advice and I’d be happy to hire a NA! But I haven’t had much luck so far.

    I have a 26 ton (loaded) 56 foot cruising sailboat and plan to add chainplates for my Jordan Series Drogue. I’m considering having them made from titanium to keep the size down, but will use stainless backing plates for the $$ unless there’s a good reason not to mix.

    I have the layup schedule from the original plans and I’m preparing to reinforce the area behind the plates and including around the join to the transom. I need help in designing the plates and in understanding that my reinforcements are enough and in the right places. Any input much appreciated, thank you.

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