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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by tinpin4544, Mar 3, 2014.

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    I am planning my first plywood boat, and I have some limitations. Due to a lack of storage, it must be kept in the long bed of my F-150 (with a fiberglass cap). That limits the footprint to about 4' by 8'. I have 2 young kids (2 and 7), and I need enough capacity for the 3 of us (I'm about 220). My plan was to build a small jon boat with a wide beam for stability and capacity. I recently saw a Puddle Duck and liked the design and capacity. Is the stern rocker necessary? I am new to all this, but I think it must reduce capacity and the effectiveness of the planning hull design. I will likely row or use a trolling motor or small outboard. I do not plan to sail.

    I also know my kids will grow (as will my belly), and I don't want to outgrow the boat. Is a 4' by 4' hinged module (it's too big to nest inside) a viable option? I started with some Ken Simpson ideas, but don't like stich and glue (I was a cabinet maker's assistant and plan on internal chine logs). I was thinking of a base boat of 4' by 7' 8" by 16", and with the folded down module adding an extra 4 feet, I calculate about 727 lbs. capacity at 4" draft with a foot of freeboard. Am I way off with this? Would a small trolling motor or 3 h.p. outboard even move it?
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    Yes the troller or the 3HP will move it , just not very fast. Three Hp is overkill because the boat is not likely to go much faster than four MPHor thereabouts, regardless of power. A 40 pound troller will probably be as much as you need. The PDR is not a planeing boat. The extreme rocker is a design feature that you need to keep. The boat will work better that way.

    Actually the little outboard is lighter than the trolling motor and its battery. If you use the electric motor then be certain to tie the battery down firmly in the middle of the boat so that it can not move.

    The PDR is about as stable as it gets for a boat so small. Three people will make it a little crowded and some discipline will be needed. Tiny boats do not like it when children are jumping around too vigorously.

    If you are a skilled woodworker you can make up some chine logs with all that curve. S&G joinery is just as reliable, easier to do, and a little bit lighter than a chine log might be.

    Good luck with your project.
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    Have you ever been in an 8' boat? If you fell out could you get back in ?Make yourself a roof rack and get a 12x48 or 14 x36
    You're going to be fishing yes? You need to be able to lean over the sides a little.

    Your 7 yr old will be able to help you load it on the rack in a few years,lots of nice boats out there under 140lbs

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