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Discussion in 'Education' started by svetlanica, Oct 10, 2007.

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    svetlanica New Member

    I want to learn to draw joinery drawings. Do you know where I can find some explanations, or just good examples?
  2. alan white
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    alan white Senior Member

    Drawing interior details by hand is not standardized. Each Architect and even each draftsman develops his own method.
    The most important requirements are that the drawing provide enough information that it is simple for any carpenter who has read drawings before to see how to build the component in question.
    Drafting was once an art, one changed dramatically by software that can show any view, even isometric, along with measured drawings.
    I think hand drawn prints can still be cost efficient and more enjoyable to do.
    My favorite text on drawing in general is "Technical Drawing" by Giesecke, Mitchell, and Spencer. Check your library, and then online for used.
    I can't imagine a better book for learning how to draw anything technical (including everything from gear teeth to whole airplane fuselages).
    Unlike lines drawings, which is a specialized area of expertise, yacht interior drawings are more similar to the more general architectural processes such as home furniture and house joinery drawing (though few home design firms draw by hand any more).
    My feeling is that yacht interiors especially benefit from hand drawing since the architect can anticipate factors a computor program can't without an enormous amount of information being inputted. The draftsman can know how much the builder has to see to "get it", or when it's very important to be clear with certain details.

  3. Bad_Trim
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    Anyone designing yacht interiors of any size, and doing the drawings by hand is most likely not doing it commercially (making a living at it). While we all use sketching during the development phase (and for a lot of detail development), almost all commercial work is offered to the yards in a 2D format (using AutoCad or other software), and an increasing amount is developed in 3D for cutting, and milling using CNC.
    I can offer you a couple of professional interior drawings if you would like to see them.

  4. svetlanica
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    svetlanica New Member

    It would be great! I have already working in AutoCAD, 3ds MAX and rhino...
    But the problem is that I don't logic of making them...
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