John Spencer's designs

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Milan, May 20, 2005.

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    I've just picked up this thread which I note is very old. My Grandfather owned Buccaneer and sailed on here when it was delivered to Long Island from Sydney in the mid-1980's.
    I would be very keen to locate her if anyone has any leads...
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    Greetings all, I came across this thread and grateful that I did too. Perhaps this could be the place to have a few questions answered.
    I am from the east coast ( Melbourne) and have been looking at boats online, as one does when at work, and found the following yacht in West Australia.
    The broker offered little in the way of information about Her as when I rang she was out of her office without the file.
    From reading a lot of what is written above I feel that I am in the right place to ask a few questions about this design, there is little I can find online, nor even pictures of other boats of the same design.
    My concerns initially regarded the integrity of the ply, ( there seems to be a little movement in the backstay tang at the deck) however reading on this forum perhaps there are other areas to look over at a survey if things get this far.
    Does anyone know the boat and perhaps some history on her?
    Many thanks for your assistance.
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    Many thanks Bruce.
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    Hello Adam, YES I know Seeker from "way back". In about 1972(?) I sailed in a Fremantle to Geraldton race on an S & S 34. During the lay-over week awaiting the Return Race, several yachts sailed out to the Abrolhos Islands, I went out on Starfire of Perth but made the return leg to Geraldton on Seeker. She was owned at the time by Neil Kane from South of Perth Yacht Club. I always remembered the half round aft end of the cockpit - had never seen this before ( or since) and the wheel steering.
    As for performance she was "well built" and thus heavier than the mighty John Spencer's earlier designs and certainly heavier built than the Scimitar 35 "Matthew Flinders" I purchased only a couple of years later - see the several post and pictures on this thread above on my ongoing modifications to her with resulting huge improvement in on-wind performance.

    Re 'Seeker' she was not that fast for a 40footer but then again, my 35' was initially hopeless to windward; before the one sail on Seeker, I had several offshore races on 'Outlaw', a Spencer Serendepity 28 which, likewise, had poor windward performance - subsequently the fabricated steel keel was found to be curved on one side only and dead flat on the other !

    I do not recall ever seeing Seeker out of the water so can not comment on her keel shape or construction.

    Hey CT249 - the long missing Spencer 40 rises again !

    If you have any further queries feel free to email me , I live only 20km from Wannanup .
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    Hello. I've read this thread about John Spencer's designs with interest, as I purchased a 1978 Spencer 30 in November 2017. She's a lovely design and a treat to sail. Named 'Moncoeur' I wonder whether anyone has heard of her before as I'd love to know more about her history? The previous owner told me she'd sailed the Melbourne to Davenport a few times. I've got her now at Garden Island, South Australia. I've attached a few photos and the specs from (no affiliation)
    SPENCER 30 sailboat specifications and details on
    moncoeur 3.jpg Moncoeur 2.JPG IMG_0956.JPG IMG_0952.JPG

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    Need some input on John Spencer boats. Just recently purchased “Kiaora” out of Ventura. It is listed as 55’ in the ad but known as a John Spencer Custom 52 and the survey report says it is 48’9”. So I am not sure what to say the length is. It is hard chined and everyone I talk to about it that sees it says it will be fast.
    The outside skin is Kauri wood epoxied over what looks like marine plywood. Does anyone have any info or suggestions on where to look for info?
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