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    Hi guys,

    I just thought that you would like to know that John Ilett was recently interviewed on my moth sailing podcast. You can download the interview here

    In the interview John discusses such things like how he designed the Prowler, why he chose the NACA 63412 section for his hydrofoils, how he came up with the design for the wand amongst other things.

    I thought that the content would be VERY relevant for this audience.


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    Moth on Foils: Fastacraft and John Ilett

    John is first person in history to use a wand altitude control system on a two foil monofoiler(monohull foiler). His innovation has produced an eleven foot monohull that beats cats and monohulls at least up to 19'-maybe soon to 20'- a feat that would have been thought to be impossible when I was a kid. The two foil technology that he introduced successfully to Moth racing has since spread to other classes and one-of boats. It is a revolution in sailboat design!
    Definitely worth a listen......

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