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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by gnab, May 6, 2007.

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  1. SPJ yachts
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    shipwrights in Dubi

    Hi gnab
    What is the situation in Dubi at present re catamaran construction both(sail and power) and is there a call for experienced personell at management level

  2. member 22129

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    how many years of experince do you need for this job and any professional qualification requirements?
  3. bobsyachts
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    Work in Dubai

    Fairers and painters needed? Gnab
  4. fleetwing
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    fleetwing sea salt

    working in Kuwait is no joy, been here doing freelance work , design, boat building, consultation, and feasibility studies.
    still Kuwait sucks ... there is no attention to detail.. safety in marine construction and boat building regulations, are not implemented, Kuwaitis will pay top dollar for poor quality construction... its all about the looks and how fast it goes... i have toured the middle east and turkey looking and evaluating different boat building companies, here... What is good about Dubai people will pay you for quality work, where in Kuwait, they will expect quality work, but cheat you in paying you and then use the locally convent laws to get out of it. If considering working in Dubai, can be expensive, get the facts on the labor laws, workers rights, and contract amendments, get everything in writing, some of the companies are required to provide employee housing. and some will charge you double for it off your salary, check your contract, also don't buy in to the health insurance... use the medical facilities provided by the State or emirate will cost less.... what some companies do here is charge you from your salary for health insurance that can be used like a hmo. with their doctors like aetna, van buren etc.... well you have to pay a year of premiums before you get coverage...
    lets say your in an accident and require medical attention.... well your rushed to the local government hospital.. the determine if it has to be investigated.. or you ask and a police man will take your report, to the labor department to check the company out. and bill them with the medical insurance provided by the government, that is prepaid for every employee, when the work visa is issued.
  5. FoggyBottom
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    Man, you have been all over. I always wondered what it would be like to work in the Middle East. I saw a bunch of video's on you tube and it seemed like Kuwait is nice. GE had some positions (systems engineer) I applied and I expect a favorable response. I have a Cal 37' here in San Diego and hate to part with it.

    I would consider moving my wife and kids to Kuwait especially if I can find a nice boat (or ship mine for a reasonable cost).

    I would love to get into boat building full time as it is the love of my life. (besides the wife :) ). Ovbiously this requires working with locals (Kuwaitis)

    I have know a couple who went to school out here and they seemed sooo nice and friendly. I did not do business with them but I cannot imagine a great disparty.

    I think if you have good contracts in place and reasonable expectations you can conduct business (even in Kuwait). I think your overstating the buisiness situation over there. Most boat builders are not businessmen and that maybe where the problem lies.

    I think most people are willing to pay a fair price for quality work; and NOONE can screw you if you operate a proper business.

    Good luck over there; hope to meet if I move over- I bet we have a lot in common.

  6. Frosty

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    The middle east is tremendously hot , you must think very carefully about the heat, It is a problem.

    In Dubai in the morning you need windscreen wipers with a blue sky due to the wet air that will be climbing to 100 before 9AM. You can not get to the car without being soaked in sweat, its like a sauna.
  7. fleetwing
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    fleetwing sea salt

    middle east work DUBAI,

    Kuwait is Nice,,, there is almost no Humidity here; but it gets really hot, and gets above 115 daily in the summer. Do not bring a boat here for it is impossible to get a slip, unless you really know some one , and the prices are out there,
    the demand for slips is high, and is the cost.
    Kuwait is fair for business, even if you have an MBA , forget what you know.. but if you are professional you will not get the wages you expect because, for the Price of one westerner they can bring 5 less qualified engineers from India, to do the same job in more time. after they get all the information from you , then they will dismiss you and play game with the law, as with a situation I currently have, then they want to bad mouth you. I have been to the appropriate business schools, with the S.B.A. and a member of the F.B.L.A. and have always beek keen to look out for NUMERO uno.
    To overstate the situation is the only way to view the facts, there is another boat builder, from sri lanka, that had a worse situation here, and then was not paid at all for three months,, and all the grandiose promises made by the company, they had not lived up to. this is not a uncommon occurrence here.
    look in the news for kuwait and the labor issues here, it is mostly from the Asian and Indian expats, and they will pay these guys to do work around 700.00 usd per month and most cases less. to do work that any where else is high dollar work and fabrication. like There is a movement in Kuwait for Reform ,and corruption. but as the old saying goes "ignorance of the law is now excuse"

    So it is always best to be informed and know what to expect...overstating no, I do not think I said enough, it is worker be aware...or get screwed....

    I have worked hard in Kuwait to make it on my own WITH OUT receiving "wasta" another way of saying friends in high places, since that stuff and corruption has ways of coming around and biting you in the *** and get you deported...
    look at transparency international rating for Kuwait for the last 10 years and you would understand.
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  8. Frosty

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    Dubai Is a holiday resort,to be posted there is heaven (apart from the heat) the social life is that which I have never experienced. Discos, English pubs, Disney parks, expat clubs, inside snow skiing, fabulous place with fish and chips etc etc. Just about all hotels have a wine bar or a theme bar of some kind. Boooz can be bought at the supermarket with a easily available police license.

    NOT all places are like this, infact Saudi, Kuwait, Doha etc etc --even Abu Dhabi is a prison sentence in comparison.

    If you get to go to Dubai-- take it, it is the experience of your life , accept less money than you would get from other places unless you are a non drinking hermit that likes Vdo's or reading.
  9. fleetwing
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    fleetwing sea salt

    I do agree Dubai is a very different experience, a world holiday resort they have everything....I am a non drinking person but I manage to have a good time when I go to Dubai,
    I my self have lived in Kuwait or 8 years and there are no discos, bars but there is plenty to do for good clean fun...and some not so believe me it is here Alcohol, it is Illegal and if you are in possession with it or drunk you will see jail time..
    I my self have been Clean and sober since 1997 , so it does not bother me too much it is for those who need that direction in life, But my past when crewing on yachts or working boat yards, I was a heavy drinker, and pot smoker....that life and we all grow from it.
    There are so many New jobs opening up i n the middle east in for boat building, and with all the New marina developments , and boat yards

    Doha has booze but only in the bar and it is not purchased outside of that and only in the major hotels...
    Kuwait and Saudi are the conservative countries in the middle east.

    There are about 13 marinas in Doha, in Kuwait about 6 and a few in the works, Dubai has the most marinas, and Oman has about 10 in the whole nation I am not sure about Saudi Arabia...

    My main point above is to be aware of the local Labor laws before arriving, since there are some pitfalls to be aware of, it my not apply to all the countries here but it makes good practice to be aware of all of it. and some of the situations their in
    not all of these countries have a peachy keen, employment, Some offer you employee the world then when they arrive they get half of that.
    I have never to experience this my self , but I have worked at companies here with these unethical employment practices so some ones wallet gets big on the back of the worker, which leads to unhappy employees, slow work performance...
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  11. u1221e
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    Hi, is this job still avaialble?
  12. mark775

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    Also, jeeez, use a spell check when trying to get a job...
  13. oi oi
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  14. kach22i
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    Good information "fleetwing".

    As an architect (land lover type), I'm looking at all my options these days.

  15. Frosty

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    Your options are looking less promising by the day. Its not a profession I would want to be employed in. If the car industry is hurting the demize of the boat industry can only be round the corner.

    The chances of getting a job in Dubai will become less as there will be a surplus of labour in any feild.

    Most people spoil there chances with employment buy wanting married status including health, kids education 3 roomed accomodation etc etc.

    To start on the ladder just go there feel the heat --literally and get in all the bars and talk to people. Go knock on doors its perfectly acceptable there.

    Its a place for a batchelor that has no dependents. Dubai pays well but you will be expected to work hard and dont expect to go home at 5 o clock.

    Its not a life for every one, I think it still applies that only the British can go there without a visa. But since the stupid Brits decided to fornicate on the beach and generally mis behave as Brits do, who knows how long this privalage will last
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