Job Vacancies in the United Arab Emirates

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Recruitme, Jul 6, 2008.

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    thats because nobody has been kind enough to show him how a real man deals with disrespecting little superior envying dweeb like him :D
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    It is better
    In GC all managers are always shouting..
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    Yeah ur right, but it is not the right way you treat your employees it shows you how stupid you are for the job, and that's the reason why I left U.A.E. because it is no longer a great place for leaving as well as the working environment, it's better back here in my home country I'm earning as much as I earned working abroad, If I were you I'd rather check on the other country except middle east.
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    For 3500 or 4800 USD a month I would not go to the UAE not even Euros, Pounds Stirling one might start to think about it but nah. make the same money at home any time if one wanted to play slave, with temperatures descent and family and friends nearby.

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    production yacht jobs in UAE

    Hi guys

    From someone in the industry in UAE, these jobs offers may or may not be genuine but what does stink is the money offered.

    Expats gets min. AEDh25000.00p/m salary plus accom. allowance Dh6000.00 p/m plus Dh2000.00 car allowance.

    The money being offered is a joke. A reasonable single bedroom apt. in the Sharjah/Ajman area would cost Dh3-5000 p/m a car Dh1800 leaving SFA of $4800p/m to live off plus you'r living in the worst traffic congested region of all UAE with the worlds collective of the most inept, insane and dangerous drivers.
    6 lane highways become parking zones taking 2hrs to travel the 40k to Dubai.

    If you come here negogiate for the best package because money is the only reason for being here and beware companies that claim to be yachting world leaders offering big packages.

    Today 50degree + 80% humidity
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