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    Our client is looking for the following positions:
    Electrical Engineer w/3-5 years boat building experience
    Lamination Team Leader - supervise one or more lines of 25+ employees
    Assembly Team Leader - supervise one or more lines of 25+ employees

    Please send a MSWord formatted resume if you would like to be considered for one of these positions, or if you would like to be considered for others which we are working.

    We are also looking for marine engineers, mechanical engineers w/boat background, and product managers.
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    I am a Naval Architect worked for National Steel & Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO), San Diego, as a contractor. Since my contract at NASSCO came to an end, I am looking for an opportunity in your company. I am forwarding my resume for your perusal. Please let me know if my qualification and experience match your requirement for this position advertised.




    Ms. Minimol Leela
    San Diego, CA phone:619-934-2708 e-mail

    Objective: Naval Architect in the Ship Building business.
    Work status : US Permanent Resident (Green Card)
    Education : Bachelor of Technology in Naval Architecture and Ship Building
    B.Tech (N.A& S.B) from Cochin University of Science And Technology, India with elective Subjects viz. Design of fishing Vessels, Welding Technology, Finite Element Method for Structural Analysis, Refrigeration and Air conditioning.

    Professional Experience: More than 6 years in Shipbuilding and Naval Architecture area and 3 years experience in the software development area. Worked with major ship builders in India.

    Shipbuilding experience:
    Strength and Expertise:
    · Preliminary design of various types of Launches
    · Inclining experiment of Launches and Offshore Supply Vessels
    · Stability calculation for Offshore Supply Vessels
    · Structural analysis for ship structures using NASTRAN, FEM Analysis
    · Endurance trails of Launches
    · Preparation of working level drawings of Submarines
    · Preparation of innovative designs for the new projects
    · Making preliminary / detailed design
    · Preparation of project specifications and Tender documents
    · Preparation of Classification drawings for class approval.
    · Preparation of Stability Booklets, Tonnage Calculations etc.
    · Trouble shooting of ongoing projects
    · Undertaking Inclining experiment, Speed / Equipment Trials etc.
    · Exposure to various Software products for Ship Design
    · Knowledge of Classification Society Rules and Statutory Regulations

    Skills in Software and other area:
    · TRIBON Initial Ship Design Package, KCS Ship Design
    · MARIN Powering and Propeller Design Package, DESPPC
    · GIFTS, NASTRAN - Finite Element (Structural) Analysis Program
    · Hecsalv
    · AUTOCAD 2002
    · MS Visio 2002
    · Fortran 77 , Pascal ,C
    · AS/400, RPG/400 programming
    · Visual Basic, HTML, Javascript, XML
    · MS Office 2000 (Word, excel, power point, access), Homesite, Photo Imaging softwares (photoshop, photodraw)
    Proficient in: USCG Rules, Classification Society Rules like LRS, ABS, IRS, DnV and B.V., Statutory Regulations like IMO, Load Line , Tonnage, MARPOL.
    Operating system: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP

    Professional Membership: Member of Institute of Naval Architects ( INDIA).

    Professional Experience and accomplishment:

    Dec 2002 to Aug 2003

    Worked as a Senior Engineer (Naval Architect) for National Steel & Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO), San Diego, CA.
    Major assignments include
    · Preparation of Standardization trial calculations and report for Alaska class Trailer ship
    · Tank Capacity, Sounding calculations for Oil Tanker using HECSALV software
    · Damaged Stability for Trailer Ship
    · Preparation of Safety Plan for Dry Cargo / Ammunition ship (T-AKE Class)
    · Suez Canal Tonnage Requirement study
    · Worked intensively on Autocad 2002

    Jan 2001 to Nov 2002

    Freelancing the web development viz page design using HTML, Javascript and graphics design . Focused on the graphics nature of the web development.

    Jan 1999 to Dec 2000

    Training undergone in the different Internet tools and programming languages viz HTML, Javascript, Visual Basic, XML etc. Extensively worked on tools like Homesite and dreamweaver.

    Jul 1992 to Dec 1998

    Worked with Mazagon Dock Ltd the Premier Ship Builders of India (A Govt. of India Undertaking) at various levels of capacities, as a Senior Naval architect.
    Mazagon Dock Ltd is a leading Ship building and Offshore fabrication yard in India. The main activities of the company can be broadly divided into
    · Ship Building War ship, Submarines, Merchant Ships, Specialized Vessels
    · Offshore Structure Platforms, Jack-ups Includes fabrication ,transportation,
    Installation and Support Services.
    · Ship Repairs including modernization and refit of war ships.
    Major Assignments and Role:
    Preliminary Design of Product Tankers, Bulk Carriers, PILOT Launches, Luxury Launches, Different types of Dredgers and Tugs

    · Inclining Experiment of Launches, 56m Offshore Supply Vessels
    · Speed, Endurance trials of Offshore Supply Vessels
    · Tonnage, Load line Stability Calculations for Dredges and Offshore Supply Vessels
    · Structural analysis for various ship structures using NASTRAN.
    · Docking plan for Dredger, Frigates, Missile Boat and Launches.
    · Preparation of working Level structural drawings ships and Submarine.
    · Preparing innovative designs for the new projects
    · Making Preliminary / Detailed Design
    · Preparing Project Specifications and Tender Documents
    · Preparing Classification Drawings for Class Approval.
    · Preparing Stability Booklets, Tonnage Calculations etc.
    · Trouble Shooting of ongoing Projects
    · Undertaking Inclining experiment, speed / Equipment Trials etc.
    Training undergone:
    · Repairs of various vessels (Cochin Port Trust, Cochin.): Duration 2 months
    · Construction of Bulk Carriers (Hindustan Shipyard Ltd.,Vishakhapatnam.): Duration 2 months
    · Construction and repair of Bulk Carriers & Product Tankers. (Cochin Shipyard Ltd., Cochin.): Duration 2 months
    · Construction of Fast Patrol Crafts, Offshore Supply Vessels etc. (Goa Shipyard Ltd., Goa.): Duration 2 months
    · Design of High Speed Crafts (Mazagon Dock Ltd, Bombay): Duration 1 week
    · ISO 9000 (Mazagon Dock Ltd, Bombay): Duration 1 week
    · Managerial Effectiveness (Mazagon Dock Ltd, Bombay): Duration 1 week
  3. applying for a job marine engineer

    Dear Sir,

    I am just browsing in the net looking for some company who is looking for a marine ingineering job and i found your web site. I just graduated last year in one of the well known marine ingineering institute in Manila in the Phillipines and current looking for a international training jobs! Im 23 yrs old standing 5' 7 hieght. I have already 6 month experience provided by the school in Manila. I would really be greatful if you have some available offer regarding this kind of skill. I would send my résume if you want in my next mail. Thank you for reading my mail.

    Daniel M Hipolito
    A marcelo street del mar
    compond dalandanan
    Valenzuela MManila

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    I've been involved in boat manufacturing for 10 years now, my last assignment was in Kingdom of Bahrain (Middle East) for 7 years I work as a Assistant Designer (AUTOCAD2002/DRAFIXCAD PROFESSIONAL/PHOTOSHOP 6.0) and at the same time as a Production supervisor, during my tenure I was involved in all stages of boat production, from research and development, designing superstructures, mould making, lamination, assembly and all sort of GRP boat repairs. We use to export our boat to US under the name of DAKOTA YACHTS and SeaDan, due to our strict compliance on the ABYC rules and regulation, our product can be compared to that of US made, once we're been feature in 2 leading boating magazines (BOATING & POWERBOAT). Graduated with the degree on Bachelor of Science in Architecture, it might not be Naval, but I'm confident enough with my experience and knowledge that I can be asset to your company. If you need more information on my detailed work experienced I'm more than willing to provide. I can be reach on my email add. at &

    Hope to hear from you MARVIN.
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