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    Job Description:
    Yacht Designner & Naval Architect

    · Motoryacht & Sailing Yacht Projects.

    · Design and Project Production in all areas:

    o 3D – Shapes: Proficient in Rhino (not Hull Design).

    o General Drafting: Proficient in Autocad.

    o Naval Architecture:

    § Weight Estimates

    § Stability Calculations with software assistance.

    § Powering Calculation with software assistance.

    § Tonnage, and other Classification related tasks.

    o Structures:

    § Structural Calculations with Software assistance

    § Direct Structural Calculations

    § Basic Composite Structures

    § Metal Structures, Aluminium and Steel.

    o Interior Design – Production Drawings (not as Interior Designer).

    o Basic Systems Design.

    o Shaft Lines & Engine Installations.

    o Deck Gear:

    § Metal Work

    § Timber Work

    § Fitting out in general

    o General Reporting & Communications with suppliers and Clients.

    · Proficient in XLS, Word.

    · Languages: English fluent, spoken and written. Other languages welcome but not essential

    · UE Citizen or Spanish Resident.

    · Base: Our Office in Madrid / Spain, with availability to travel as it may be required.

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