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    My name is Simone Milenati and I graduated in July 2007 (in Italy) in Industrial Design with the highest grades. In the past years I have dedicated myself to studying yacht design, and I got a post graduate course in Yacht Design (I° level Master Degree). I have been able to practice my skills working with a prestigious naval roman architect (who was also the supervisor of my thesis), in an italian custom yacht shipyard (Adriasail) and in a company that performs an high-level structural design in the naval field (AMS-Italia). I'm currently in the United States and I'm at your disposal for any clarifications.

    I would appreciate any information you can give me and thank you in advance for your time.


    Simone Milenati
    Via Papa Bonifacio VIII, 1
    63074, San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), Italy
    Phone: +39 349 8183636

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