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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by HusH74, Feb 11, 2008.

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    Hello hope some can help and maybe know Sites i dont know or have more experience with that stuff.

    I want to build a small Motorboat or Jetboat. Max small 4 Seater. Engine max. 1000 cc Honda motorbike engine or something round about 750 cc.

    Where i find some good hulls that have not to much draft?
    Maybe 20 to 40 cm under water line. I saw some nice Jetsprint Boat hulls but nowwhere i find something about the construction, only that the v is between 21 and 23 °

    Material Aluminium oder Fiberglass?

    What about the v, and is a v the best form for a hull?

    The boat should not be desgned to "fly" on the water so max. topspeed should be maybe 25 to 50 mph.

    So, about the speed and the engine is all open and not fixed, only my ideas and they maybe change in the next weeks when i get together all other informations i need for planning that project. Thanks all in advance hope i get some helping answers from more experienced people here,


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    Jarrod Marine Designer

    Dear Marc,

    We're a marine design firm located in New Zealand, and we're experienced in designing aluminum jet boats from 4.5- 12.5m LOA.

    Depending on the vessels operating conditions, generally jet boats are fairly flat aft, with a constant deadrise from around midships.

    Yes aluminum is a good choice of material, it is especially here in New Zealand with the rocky rivers etc. Once again it depending on your operating conditions.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us.
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