Jet vs Prop - Which is the better choice?

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by MadMallard, Apr 21, 2007.

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    My Father-in-Law and I have this ongoing discussion as to which is better for pleasure boating (saltwater and freshwater), a jet drive or a propellor drive. I say that it is the prop and he is adamant that the jet drive is better - better fuel efficiency, better propulsion, less maintenance, etc. I would like to hear some other opinions on this - where do you stand on this issue? Thanks for your help.
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    which is better depends on what it is that YOU ARE doing
    if in a river or stream thats two feet deep then a prop doesn't have a chance
    in a lake thats 100 feet deep better off with a prop
    now which prop is better I/O, inboard, or outboard?
    next question what are YOU using it for
    sorry no one answer just opinions and OPINIONS
    been working on tubs for 16 years now and refuse to say one way or the other because there is no single answer
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    Redtech is right..there are so many factors that is to simple to ask what is better. The weight of the propulsion plant is not the same, concerning the efficiency have a look on the diagr.

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    Let us talk about a practical case!
    An 8' glass over plywood boat requires a propulsion system for shallow waters. It goes OK with a 3 hp outboard motor with shallow water problem of prop touching down frequently.
    Please give your views for the best outboard propulsion system in the range of 5/6 HP.
    Thanks and regards,

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    Interesting Question

    We as a company have been building prop driven boats for 78 years and counting. Our most recent boat is the first venture into jet driven technology. The boat is very efficient and easily manueverable, the shallow draft aspects of the drives also allow the owners access to previously inaccessable areas. The boat has performed well offshore. The jets seem to give the designer more options as far as changing the variables of the design to improve subsequent builds. The builder seems to be benefited by the jets in that rotational forces created by circular propulsion seem to be reduced if not elliminated, therefore reducing torque and stress on the hull. The owner of Integrity made his move from props to jets in the nineties with the Hinckley company. He now has a new 56' Huckins jet driven yacht and on the subject has been heard to say "I will never go back to props". Like most things in yachting and yacht design there is no definitive answer as far as personal preferance. However from a scientific point of view the jet drive seems to be more efficient and reduce design problems of the past.
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