Jet Powered Kayak Question

Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by BananaMan777, Nov 1, 2016.

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    Hello. I had a question regarding an equation for thrust. I am thinking about starting a project on converting my Hobie PA14 into a jet powered Kayak so I can maximize the distance covered, go shallower with out worrying about taking the drive unit out. I was thinking about using a 62lb thrust trolling motor for the power source and hook it up to a an impeller. I have a rudder on the kayak so I will probably not be using the turning nozzle, only the reverse bucket. I'm in the early stages of the design and just seeing if it was even practical. I was just curious if there was an equation to see how much thrust/ speed I would be able to get out of the motor if it is hooked up to an impeller and the water going through about a 2" opening with an impeller size being about 4". Here is the link to the trolling motor.

    Kayak info:
    145 lbs - dry
    375 lbs - loaded
    beam - 38"

    Thank in advance for any helpful information.
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