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    I am working on building planning hull. I am interested in building my own waterjet. Instead of driving my propulsion system with a standard or marine diesel engine (to avoid excess weight) - I want to use a jet drive like the mercury optimax jet outboard engine. I am planning to mount it horizontally so that the drive shaft is horizontal.

    The help i need is to find who can supply such a prime mover or a jet drive in India. I have contacted and Yamaha and all they sell in India is a standard outboard motor. They dont sell jet drives seperately. Mercury marine is an option and am trying that. However, the mercury guys say that it will have to imported.

    I want to know if there are any other companies who sell in india or manufacture jet drives in india.

    Specs: 100-110 HP. Something similar to Mercury marine - 110HP Optimax Jet Outboard engine

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