jet boat shuttle on the Colorado

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    The confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers is in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, just above Cataract Canyon. Above Cataract are two the the greatest flat water canoe trips in the world. You can float down either the Green or Colorado to a place called Spanish Bottom, just above the first rapid in Cataract canyon. You have to have a permit, which is hard to get, to go beyond this point, and I've seen the rapid below Spanish Bottom and it would be quite a ride in a canoe.
    Two companies opperate jet boat shuttles and come down the Coloraod from just Below Moab and will pick you up anywhere along the Colorado down to Spanish Bottom. The jet boat in this photo is (I believe) around 30 feet and has twin turbo diesels. It will do over 30 knots upstream. Our canoes are on the rack above Joey's head. Sorry I don't have a better photo of the boat. I couldn't seem to find the other CD. These photos were taken by a friend and Joey is his wife.

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