Jarcat CC29 versus others

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by jcjglt, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. jcjglt
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    jcjglt New Member

    I am considering the building of a Jarcat CC29 but still hesitating with Mike Waller Coral Cove 31 and K-Designs KD860.
    My need is for a full time live aboard boat for a couple in their sixties, based in New Caledonia and sailing a lot around (trade winds from 15 to 25 kts usually, short and crossed seas of 3 to 6 ft, high temps).
    The Jarcat looks comfortable but light and boxy but she is probably the most attractive for a live aboard boat. (I read some sailing reports of a CC29 named Medina and sailing around Bass Strait and another one between Australia and New Caledonia but could not get more detailed advice).
    Any comments in favour of one of these designs or another suggestion ?
    Best regards to all, jcjglt.
  2. catsketcher
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    I sat in a nice Coral Coaster built by Jack Langois of Gosford. She was faster than she looked like she should be and had a lot of room for a 29 footer. The accommodation is out of the ordinary and needs a fair bit of calisthetics to get into the main table area. That said the boat worked well and Jack is still happy with his boat as far as I can tell.

    You would get better resale if you built a Schionning 930 or similar but it will cost you more. My favourite boat in this size range is the Grainger Alfresco 920 - Fab performer - lots of room in the hulls and put a dodger over the cockpit and you will be laughing. The 920s are very nice sailers and will get better resale - especially if you include a dodger.


    Phil Thompson
  3. dialdan
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    Just uploaded pics of Schionning 930 tropical version , a little too squeezy for long term liveaboard imo
  4. bill broome
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    sounds like a great plan! but i'd think twice about any small cat with a bridge deck cabin. never liked the idea, less after reading the woods 'eclipse' story.

    get a cheaper longer boat with in-hull accomodation, and put up a fabric/alum pole tent in port.

  5. jcjglt
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    jcjglt New Member

    Thanks to all.
    Bill I should chose Mike Waller's Coral Cove 31 : some kind od smaller Seawind 1000 in plywood epoxy, no full bridge deck, only an open shelter (against blazing sun) which the designers calls a "turret" facing aft.
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