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    Hi. This is my first time to post on this forum although I have enjoyed reading it for several months. I am interested in changing careers to one in traditional boat building and and have obtained information from most of the schools in the USA and UK offering courses in traditional wooden boat building. I would also like to find out if there are any places that offer apprenticeships as a traditional boat builder.
    I am therefore trying to find the names of any traditional boat builders that I could contact about possible apprenticeships in Japan.
    I am actually British however have lived over half my life in Japan and my wife and child are Japanese. I have tried searching on the Internet however have had no success in finding any traditional boat builders in Japan with home pages. I have heard that there are traditional boat builders in Japan and that many of them have difficulty finding apprenticeships. Is there anybody who has ever worked with any Japanese boat builders that could help me or even point me in the right direction?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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