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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by jonathan barret, Jun 26, 2012.

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  2. Frosty

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    John --you made me stop and think--for quite a while actually. Why do you think that there are no other mechanics in the world capable of doing any of those things you profess to be efficient at.

    Have you been any where else than London.

    I suggest a holiday in Hongkong or Singapore when on your return I would not be surprised if you deleted your post.

    Presuming you are multi lingual, are you aware that working in most non Eu countries would result in your arrest,---immediate. So my guess is you dont really mean world wide at all.
  3. Stumble
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    I actually know a guy who does this. He has a company that is a fly anywhere, fix anything business, and does quite well.

    Last trip he took, he was telling me he cut a 40lbs chunk of bronze out of two prop blades to rebalance it. It was the only way to get the ship moving, though it probably destroyed the prop, and will have to be replaced.

    Probably not much of a demand to fly someone in to fix a 50hp diesel, but a well qualified mech to fix a Wartzilla instead of using local labor is probably well worth the cost.
  4. Frosty

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    Great fine go ahead,--dont worry about the bad bits just dream on.

    In Singapore you can re bottom a steel 200 footer in a week and Catapillar will re engine in 48hours. There is nothing like this in Uk or Torremolinos. The East is a power house often misunderstood.

    How do you carry tools, oops sorry think positive. You can carry a 4o foot container as hand baggage on British Airways.....

    Locals are well capable and probably a lot cheaper.

  5. watchkeeper

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    Can't agree with your statement re. 'rebottom a steel 200' in a week' in Sgp Frosty even as a tongue in cheek claim.
    I managed three 36m to 50m aluminium hull fast ferry refits in two Sgp yards, using Sgp nationals mix of Indian, Chinese & Chinese Malay. They work ok but there is absolutely no way you will get a team to re plate a hull that fast.
    I also had steel rebuilds/conversions and refits ongoing either side my project yards, average dock time for all including a bow/bulb rebuild, another 30% plate replacment above/below water line was 60days.
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