It it kevlar or fiberglass??

Discussion in 'Materials' started by jrork, Oct 16, 2011.

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    You're probably right Matt. Regardless of what it is, I really appreciate all the help and sharing of information by everyone. This, with all of your help, will be a really fun project.

    Thanks again.......john
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  2. jrork
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    Wow! I tried emailing Eliminator Boat thinking it was worth a shot that they might have some information by HIN# and I quickly got a reply asking for my phone number as none other than Bob Leach wanted to call me and talk about my boat!

    Given all that he has accomplished in life, I found him to be an exceptionally modest and soft spoken man. He apologized that they don’t have any records that go back beyond 10 years but he would be happy to answer any questions I may have.

    He explained that the black is, as some of you mentioned, a black gel coat that they would spray in following shooting the colors to make sure there were no blisters. He also mentioned the use of Douglas Fir stair step material for their stringers as it was knot free, straight grain and came with a rounded edge. Each boat was hand laid and custom ordered by the owner. I explained that I was having to replace the stringers because of all the holes drilled in them and that this boat has exceptionally small stringers (less than ¾” thick and only 1 ¼” tall) and he mentioned that was even lighter than normal and likely was a light layup hull and mentioned where I should look to try to identify if the boat is a Kevlar layup given this.

    Can’t wait to get home and poke around.

    Regardless, it was an honor to talk with Bob and how forthcoming he was with information and genuinely interested in my project.

    Thanks again everyone and you’ll be seeing some more nagging posts real soon as I work on replacing the stringers………………john
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    You can see the sun shine through. Aramide, carbon and basalt have 1 thing in common: The sun will not shine through...

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    bulk heads

    Hey John, one thing that amazes Me is that Eliminator only resincoated all the wood bulkheads instead of covering them with glass. That is how my 19 was too.
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