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    Dear All,

    For our small Levi surface drive LD170-150 we have started to convert Isuzu 4JB1 (83 hp @3400rpm) and 4JB1T (100 hp @ 3600) truck engines into marine engines. We have started to made molds to cast the the spacer ring, engine mountings, water cooled exhaust, heat exchanger and some brackets for the altenator and tested the first set in one local fishing boat. I placed some pictures and test results of the engine marinisation process on this website.

    Since this Isuzu engine is relative heavy (230 kg) , I would like to marinise an other lighter Japanese diesel engine for our Levi Surface LD 170-150. Maybe a Toyota N1 or similar. Is there anybody to suply marinisation kits for Japanese engines.

    Best Regards
    Rudolf Scholz

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