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Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by myastral, May 24, 2006.

  1. myastral
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    myastral Pan Asian Yacht Service


    Im doing some work on a 220 volt boat in Taiwan and the builder was telling Me that You do not need an isloation transformer with a 220 volt system but this does not seem right to Me.

    Any Ideas
  2. Wellydeckhand

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    Just install it even if you disbelieve it. Trust me, at least I know that is important to the corrosion rate.........
  3. marshmat
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    You don't NEED an isolation transformer. You can have a perfectly correct, safe system without one.
    You might WANT to install one, unless you feel like replacing all your running gear next season. The corrosion you can get without a good isolation box can be pretty ugly. It only takes a few fractions of an ampere of current leaking back through the shorepower connection to eat right through the prop shaft.
    The voltage that the AC system runs at has absolutely zero effect on the possibility of a stray current leaking back and accelerating corrosion.
  4. Ike
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    There are other methods of isolating your system, such as a galvanic isolator. But by far the best method, that eliminates the most problems is a isolation transformer. I would recommend one over anything else out there. Charles Industries is probably the number one producer of them (no I don't work for Charles Industries)
  5. Tim B
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    Sounds like someone's trying to save money. The cash you save on not buying an isolating transformer will be paid back in a few years (if that) in anodes.
    After all, would you want your anodes protecting someone else's boat?

    It might be worth having a look around the boat for any other "cost saving measures".

    Tim B

  6. myastral
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    myastral Pan Asian Yacht Service

    They seem to think that its not needed on a 220 system , I use to do allot of work on smaller boats in the USA and allot of the Azmuths seem to be the same.

    Im still going to have them install the transformers as there willing to to them for free at the yard but I have seen this before on new builds going to Europe but no one seems to know why.

    Its not really coverd in ABYC and most information seems to be for the USA market.
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