ISO certification for Wally-type "terrace on the sea"

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Armada01, Jan 4, 2010.

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    I am currently designing the aft deck of a personal project of mine, a 50ft sailing yacht, Class A (ocean going)

    The aft deck is similar to some of the Wallys that have a "Terrace on the sea"

    I am puzzeled about the certification of some of the wally yachts.

    The Wally 80 Tango, which certainly has CE (ISO) certification ha the following sill on the campanionway:

    It seems to be about 30 cm high, which is compliant with the CE rule:

    Designs like the Wally Tiketitan and Esense seem to have much lower sill heights, more like 15 cm.

    I can't imagine those large yachts to be only of Class C which permits a 15 cm sill height).

    Does this mean that these large Wallys are not CE compliant? If so, Why can they get away with it? Does it have to do with the fact that they are custom built boats, and not mass produced yachts?

    I basically want to find out what rules are determining this design, and if I can use them on my own project. (I obviously want a minimal sill height).

    Anyone can ligth my darkness?:idea:
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    look at your second image again... this sill has definitely more than 30 cm...
    the bigger the boat the smaller it seems but if you look at the people on board you get a quite good relation and comparison...
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    Your CE text is incomplete. You can have what is called "semi fixed" sills, where the real fixed part heigh is only half of your link.

    You can also have "false" doors, opening doors that are not the main companionway entrance, and marked “WATERTIGHT CLOSURE — KEEP
    SHUT WHEN UNDER WAY”. I guess it may be the case for the second photo you post.

  4. Armada01
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    Okay that makes sense. That's why the sill on Esence seems 15cm.
    The source of the CE norm I found isn't complete as you say... I got myself the full version now, which conforms what you say.

    No word in there though about "false" doors. Can you tell me where I can find this guideline?

    I'd need to find out what makes one or the other companionway the "main" companionway....

    Thanks for your help thusfar. Appreciated much!
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