ISO 12217-Part 3

Discussion in 'Stability' started by Dibin_marino, Jun 17, 2016.

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  1. Dibin_marino
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    Dibin_marino Junior Member

    Hii Everyone,

    Can any one send me the ISO document as mentioned , I'm currently working on a boat of 5.5 m AL , what will the max heeling angle permissible while conducting heel test ?

    Thank you
  2. TANSL
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    To obtain and use ISO standards, we must pay, and they are not cheap. It is also forbidden to share.
  3. ABoatGuy
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    The Rulefinder website which contains access to all the relevant ISO Standards for CE certification now has a monthly plan that won't break the bank if you only need access for a limited time for a particular project.

    The standards are very expensive and Rulefinder has worked well for us.

    [Not in anyway connected with nor do I profit from Rulefinder - just find it useful]
  4. Dibin_marino
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    Dibin_marino Junior Member

    Thank you for your replies
  5. valber
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  6. Rabah
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    < A post has been deleted from this thread >

    Note: while the intent I'm sure was to help, please do not post, or link to, or request any copyrighted ISO document that is not legally distributed. ISO standards are sold as their product for profit and as such ISO polices its copyright diligently to protect their product for sale. If written permission is given to post an ISO document, that would be ok, but this is generally not given because they are selling these documents as a product for profit. Thank you for helping to keep the forum out of trouble, and thank you to those who suggested the best legal way to obtain the information.
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