ISO 12215-5: 2019

Discussion in 'Class Societies' started by TANSL, Oct 12, 2019.

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    Sorry RX but I haven't gotten that far yet. I'm still trying to figure out such basic questions as how to calculate the mechanical properties of an FRP (Sigma uf, for example), according to the 2019 standard, or how the bulwark should be calculated.
    This rule is very difficult to understand and therefore to apply. Even if one has not participated in its elaboration, when one buys a product, one pays to use it, one has the full right to criticize it and to demand that the product has no defects.
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    Thank you Tansl.

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    For me, I just wait HullScant comes with upgrade to 2019 standard. But this might not happen fast, as I see ;) We still use 2008/2014 version as it is quite clear and works well.
    P.S. We just programmed DNVGL 0342 calculation method.
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