ISO 12215-5: 2019

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    As I highlighted above, until the 2019 version of the standard is referenced in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) it is not that the 2008 version of the standard can still be used, it must still be used. (to show compliance with European harmonised law, in other words, for the CE marking and declaration of conformity)
    ISO and CEN can do whatever they want, the EU (European Commission) has its own pace. Using the 2019 version of the standard as underpinning of a CE marking or declaration of conformity is illegal until publication of the reference in the OJEU.
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    The application of harmonized standards gives a presumption of conformity, but is not mandatory. You can use ANY acceptable methods (as well as the classification societies rules) to assess the structural integrity of the boat hull.
    So if someone wants to use the latest version of the standard, he can legally do it and should indicate this in the declaration of conformity...

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    What implications could have the fact that most of the regulations of the CS are not applicable to ships of less than 24 m in length?
    I recently requested a program created by the ABS for the yacht scantling. I intended to use it for a 12 m yacht and the person responsible for the ABS has warned me that their program is not applicable for boats under 24 m.

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    Some CS still have rules applicable for yachts <24m of hull length. For example, these are BV NR 500 and RINA - Rules for Pleasure Yachts.
    The BV has free software for strength analysis of composite hulls - ComposeIT.
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