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  1. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Have you see "lock down " on Tv it is filmed in a prison in Arizona. These peo--- animals are dangerous and are self confessed murderers. On man said he was bad ,--real bad because he shot a guy 3 times --3 times in the face he said, then laughed.

    The warden walked the camera around the yard and pointed out "this is for Hispanics and this place here is for whites' etc etc.

    Drugs stabbing fighting is daily social behaviour. All these peices of **** need killing, not for punishment but to get the horrible pieces of **** off the planet and more importantly out of the gene pool.

    If you have difficulty in filling the position for a hang man, I will volunteer, get them all ready,--say 200 a day and I will come over next week and do some lever pulling for you. Im not busy next Sunday afternoon.

    I might have a few blisters on my hands from all the lever pulling but what a sound nights sleep I will have.

    AND if I do meet my maker he will pat me on the back.
  2. Chris Bretter
    Joined: Nov 2008
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    Location: Durban

    Chris Bretter Zaphod

    Hey Frosty U GOTTA PLAN MAN.I just want to have a few happy years somwhere i think if i can float about maybe i can just move on when the natives get restless!!!You cannot change the majority im afraid its how it is..

  3. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    I hear ya, but the majority just carry on regardless wading through the daily routine thinking they cant do anything, and they are probably right.

    Ide go even Further,--these pieces of **** should be sent to the hospital and cut up for parts, at least we get some benefit from them in the end.

    But that guy that laughed at his victim ,--oh boy.

    It does'nt bother me to kill them because they are'nt human.

    They can not, or will not, or do not feel the nice bits of life ,caring ,sharing , passion, love,--F em,-- die ********.

    The thing is after staying in that place for 24 years they are worse than when they went in, repeating the offence is guranteed.
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