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  1. ratrace2
    Joined: Dec 2007
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    ratrace2 Senior Member

    Gee Frosty,
    Since you are in Thailand, and you have no "rights"; you have none that you would defend; you have no facts.

    Do you care to site the article that your story is from so that we might fact check what you say????
  2. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Sure,-- we were laughing about it this morning chatting on the dock . Ille pop down to see Tom now and find where he read it, give us a minute.
  3. ratrace2
    Joined: Dec 2007
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    Location: NJ USA

    ratrace2 Senior Member

    Come on Frosty, put your money where you mouth is...........
  4. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

  5. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Actually I do have rights in Thailand. I have the right to walk the streets 24 hours a day (and I do) this involves not getting shot at. You have waved that right prefering to be your own protector and allow everyone to carry a gun.

    I know that it is unwise to walk anywhere in America late at night because of the decision to arm those who want to.

    Guns are not allowed in Thailand and let me tell you its one of the safest places I have ever been. Girls run 7-11 convenience stores 24 hours.

    You know the constitution was written what ? 300 years ago. Dont you agree that things have changed some what. Police have been invented since then, not to mention that the Indians have gone.

    A hand gun is not made to kill deer, rattlers round the campfire or shoot Bison on the planes of North America. A hand gun is made to kill people at short range ,--nothing else.

    Owning a hand gun means you are prepared to kill another human being.

    Im waisting my time,--I know that.
  6. Butch .H
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    Location: South Africa

    Butch .H Senior Member

    Owning a hand gun means you are prepared to kill another human being.

    Yup! When that person is going to cause harm he is going to get shot(a few times).I have a 45 APC for short range work a sawn off 12 gauge for knocking on doors and confined spaces(comes with a squeegee and a mop and bucket) a Springfield 30.06 for the bugger who is driving the getaway car. I am prepared to use violence to protect me and mine. I also want to walk down the street at all hours. I just want to be able to sit in my car and watch the yachts in the harbour with out some self entitled dumb **** pulling a gun on me. I just want to be able to leave my house unattended for five seconds with out having to set alarms or get a house sitter. I agree with Frosty and Mass we have crated this now we have to deal with it. Disarm no way not today or ever.
  7. ratrace2
    Joined: Dec 2007
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    Location: NJ USA

    ratrace2 Senior Member

    Frosty, that was not, actually, a story about shooting it out over a toy.

    That was a story about "base" human emotion taken to the extreme. Those two could have used a hammer to the same effect, or spear, or knife, or sword.......

    The prisons all over the world a filled with people that errupt into violent rages.

    I'm making a broader point about political systems and rights.
  8. DGreenwood
    Joined: Aug 2004
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    Location: New York

    DGreenwood Senior Member

    Your opinions on this subject ordinarily would mean something Frosty---but I have to tell you that when you essentially call an entire nation of people stupid, or at least imply that you are smarter than all of them, well suddenly your opinion doesn't amount to anything. There is just a little irony in your saying that 300 million people are ignorant and you are not.
    The simple use of the phrase "some *******" would result in a better response.
  9. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Its not 300 million though is it? I don't know the exact statistic but I believe it is in fact a small minority that want to walk around with a gun in their pocket but are able to shout the loudest as most minorities are capable of doing.

    I understand the attraction of a gun, the well machined steel and the slick mechanism, Ive had one or two for grouse shooting, but to walk in the street is stupid /silly --you choose a better word.

    Like a child wanting to take his favourite toy with him and show it off, look what ive got.

    Your bed is well made and you will have to lie in it. I cant imagine how you can go back now , change in law or not.

    To the stupid watching a stupid movie a gun shows a way out of a problem life or situation. The answer to all problems ---a gun.

    According to the report, people in the shop were terrified and shocked at the gun situation except the 4 year old sitting outside that described the situation to the police as though it was a video game.
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  10. Guest62110524

    Guest62110524 Previous Member

    thoroughly agree with Ratraces first post, there were some good men here, they were sacked dismissed, awarded the DCM; THE SITE IS THE POORER FOR THAT
  11. eponodyne
    Joined: Aug 2007
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    Location: Upper Midwest

    eponodyne Senior Member

    Well, there's no disputing the fact that when seconds count, the police are mere minutes away! I solve the firearm problem by having lots and lots and a permit to carry one as well... and then doing my best to be a level-headed citizen who avoids situations where a firearm is called for. Most gun owners in the USA are like this. It's just that nobody ever points to the average Joe as indicative of a trend. It doesn't lead well on the news. Nothing at all happening is hardly newsworthy.
  12. bntii
    Joined: Jun 2006
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    Location: MD

    bntii Senior Member

    Well yes and no...

    United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia all tie at 7 assaults per 1,000 people, while Thailand has less than 1 assault per 1000 persons.

    As far as guns go, 80% of homicides in Thailand are by firearms (the worlds highest %), while in the United States this number is 40%. The overall per-capita homicide rate is four times higher in Thailand than the United States, with nine times the likelihood that these deaths will occur with guns.

    Perhaps as is the case in the US, these statistics are skewered by certain types of crime being present in some subset of the population...

    Statistics from here:

    BTW- Very few law abiding folk carry guns in the US. The criminals carry and use them in crimes as it seems to be the case in Thailand as well.

    On topic.... This place is great!
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  13. Stumble
    Joined: Oct 2008
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    Location: New Orleans

    Stumble Senior Member

    As a Marine, hunter, and gun owner, and former criminal prosecuter I normally stay clear of these type of discussions, but this one perked my interest for some reason.

    Personally I don't carry a concealed weapon since I am more concerned about an accidental discharge than a robber. However those people who do have a permit and carry a gun are almost never the ones causeing problems. In the time I spent as a prosecuter handeling hundreds if not thousands of cases involving guns, not one dealt with someone who had a legal handgun or permit to carry a concealed weapon. Invariably the people who were arrested for gun crimes had one or two factors in common: 1) prior felons not allowed to own a gun or 2) Drug dealers / importers using illegal weapons.

    Now what gun law could possibly eliminate these two groups from haveing weapons? Prior felons have already indicated a willingness to break the law to own a gun, and drug dealers who are willing to smuggle drugs internationally don't seem to mind smuggeling guns as well. Even in countries without gun ownership these two groups are pretty likely to own a gun. So all you do in my eyes is eliminate the weapons from law abiding citizens who would otherwise be able to defend themselves.

    Now as for the common AK-47... For law enforcement purposes an AK-47 is ANY rifle that shoots a 7.62mm bullet regardless of its make, style, or intended purpose. Heck a 30-06 bolt action hunting rifle is normally called an AK-47 because of the round size not the gun itself. This of course causes a lot of problems since the term AK-47 conjures up an image of some sort of assault weapon ready for combat when it could just as easily be a hunting rifle which is legal to own in even normally non-gun owning countries.
  14. masalai
    Joined: Oct 2007
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    Location: cruising, Australia

    masalai masalai

    OK, Frosty, To me, it seems the Yanks had a **** about gun ownership and the sort of weapon that may be held legally here in OZ is restrictive and strictly against military types like AK47 (Kalashnakov) et al, - - and we civilised people had a **** in preference to not allowing / encouraging private firearm ownership - So it seems you keep your guns and we prefer to be "unarmed"... :D:D:D:D and free to make love not war...

  15. DGreenwood
    Joined: Aug 2004
    Posts: 722
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    Location: New York

    DGreenwood Senior Member

    Thank God not all of us would generalize so much as to assume that this response is representative of the intellect of the entire nation of Australians. I would really have a hard time imagining that the whole of that beautiful country could produce nothing more substantial.
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