Is there smaller capacity gas cans for small boats?

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by BlacK_Blade, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. BlacK_Blade
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    I use a 3 hp Evinrude outboard in my 14 foot Sportspal canoe. The only gas tank I can find was a full size (22 L/ 6 US gal) model. For last two yrs now I have wasted fuel, for I wasn't able to burn it all up in a season.

    Is there any smaller capacity fuel containers available? Or will I have to try and 'invent' something? Hate wasting so much fuel, I put that fuel stabilizer into the mix, but by the next season my little motor don't like that old gas and won't run properly until I use fresh stuff.
  2. liki
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    liki Senior Member

    I think next to all manufactures have a around 12l model available as well. This is true for at least Mercury (Quicksilver), Honda and Yamaha.
  3. BlacK_Blade
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    Guess will have to visit a marine dealer...:( ...that means twice as expensive! But cheaper in the long run I guess, than wasting money on gas I don't end up using.
  4. troy2000
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    I don't mean to sound heartless, or unconcerned about the environment and wasting Mother Earth's resources.....

    But how big a problem is not being able to use up six gallons of gas in a season? You can fill the tank for about 18 bucks, and there's no law saying you have to fill it all the way. If you don't want to pour off the extra for your weed eater or lawnmower, or use it to start a bonfire, just put three or four gallons in it instead.

    Now if you're talking about the room a six-gallon tank is taking up in your canoe when you don't need six gallons, that's a different story.
  5. ondarvr
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    You can find 3 gallon tanks just about anywhere that sells the 6 gallon models.
  6. mark775

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    "there's no law saying you have to fill it all the way" - Why wasn't this the first thought in his mind? Those little cans are just about everywhere, BTW.
  7. capt littlelegs
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    capt littlelegs New Member

    Please don't use it to light a bonfire! :eek:
  8. Jango
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    I bought a "one" gallon container at Wal Mart!

    About any size you want is avaiable at most Auto parts stores.
  9. tunnels

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    Dont need to waste any fuel just pour it into your car !!:confused: doesnt matter about the 2 stroke mix!!! its like upper cylinder lubricant and even if the motor is injected makes no differance could even make it run better :p .
    Go buy a small after market pertol tank and fuel line and fittings and make your own tank :D :p

  10. cummingknives
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    cummingknives cummingknives

    Moeller markets "Neptune" poly tanks in the USA, some of which are manufactured in Canada, and there are numerous sizes available everywhere. has excellent, below average prices for this brand and one that I recently bought satisfied my requirements to a T. I agree that filling a 6-gallon tank half full is an option that doesn't require spending the month's budget to fill. But if you want a smaller tank I think you should get one while reminding the peanut gallery that all you wanted was advice. Tell 'em to piss off.
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