Is there going a local 30 ft. Trimaran circuit in Sweden ?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Skip JayR, Nov 1, 2015.

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    Hi folks.... I just found this video. As I dont speak Swedish, I am not very clear about what I see there.

    I have read the comments of the video (some are very funny):

    What I see that there are different Trimarans sailing around on Swedish coast, even with a bigger sponsor (e.g. Audi for Seacart 30 being produced by OceanLanke Marine/Sweden having a series of regattas around the globe (e.g. in Asia)).

    So my question: Is there a local circuit for smaller (30 ft) Trimarans around Stockholm ? Just curiously about...
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    Since when did the Seacart 30 have a series of regattas around the globe? If you mean just one Seacart 30 did some racing around the world it doesn't mean a lot.
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    Seacart30 One Design Class...

    ah... and I have thought, that there is a "one design class" Seacart30 on the regatta fields, similarly we see these days with the Diam24 (French boat).

    So no one design class racing circuit with Seacart30 ???

    How many have been built till today ?? I found a comment that the first boat was built and tested in 2007... here the video.

    I like the SeaCart30 a lot... nice small racer... lots of fun for a 4-6 person crew...
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    Corley epoxy coated

    The Seacart 30 was an attempt to keep the cost of campaigning a racing trimaran down. Impressive performance wise they weighed somewhere around 980kgs I think. Construction method was autoclaved carbon fibre by Marstrom.

    The Seacart 30's were equipped for offshore usage but sadly the circuit idea never really took off although they did sail in a few events with Audi sponsorship. The replacement Seacart 26 has a small inshore circuit that has continued to operate for a few years now.

  5. Skip JayR
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    yep.. the heavy weight displacent has 0.95 tons, and the leight weight version is 0.85 tons.

    Mast: 251 x 113 mm wing section with single carbon airfoil spreaders and dyform stays. Carbon cured in 125 degrees in autoclave.
    Mast height above deck: 15.2 m (49 ft 10 in)
    Mast height above water: 17 m (55 ft 9 in)

    Upwind: 62 sqm (main 41 sqm and jib 19 sqm).
    Downwind: 139 sqm (main, jib, gennaker 77 sqm)
    Optional: ORC jib (7.4 sqm), code 0 (37 sqm), Code A0 (55 sqm upwind genoa)

    LOA increases to 11.0 m with bowsprit :!: scarying

    Yes, thats why I got interested in... not just some trampolins becoming wet. :)

    Yes, sports sponsorship is a tricky thing... the dependency on the good will of big sponors is huge and very risky.

    It only needs a new product manager or a new marketing CEO who likes to follow a new strategy (which somtimes is urgently just to demonstrate against his new colleagues on the management board that he is a cool guy with new ideas) and a campaign can stop over night. Concerns are very brutal in this. "0" emotions, just pure rational analysing where to get the maximum of media coverage.

    Audio stopped its engagement for sailing internationally / worldwide... here and there you might see a logo sticker of the 4 rings of Audi logo, but thats only "local marketing budgets", not relevant. Not controlled by the central marketing headquarter in Ingoldstadt (Bavaria /Germany).

    Audi quit its engagement, e.g. for America's Cup and offshore racing... instead they decided for to focus on Olympic sailing disciplines and the new founded "German Sailing League" (something similarly like we know in national soccer league, nearby the concept was copied one to one). Audi and SAP created a partnership herfore , where SAP delivers the streaming/ broadcasting and tracker software for.

    So Audio pushes young German sailing athletes who demonstrate promising talents within this National German league and then being sponsored for the Olympics within the National Olympic sailing team. I think, this decision was made in 2011 by Audi management surprisingly. Pity for the Seacart30 class.

    But I think, the Seacart30 is still a competitive boat... I'd love to see a class... just to have a 2nd option against the Diam24... which is still typically French and dominated by French thinking.

    It would be healthy for the European multihull sailing scene to have the Seacart30 one design class. The look of the boat is impressive... it has something of a "muscle car". Important for medias to attract people.

    As flying mashine it gives a kind of ORMA60 feeling by the look... :)

    In fully carbon it looks like a "night club/bar" under deck :) interesting: the cabin headroom is of 1.82 m (6 ft).

    Another option would be to create a Trimaran open 30 Foot class, so the SeaCart30 owners could sail against Tony Graingers Raw30 boat in Asia... that might become interesting, too.

    Ah... interesting... I will lurk at it. Just seen there is an own website for: :) ( while the page for the 30 is down: ).
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