Is there any boatbuilding jobs in Canada???

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by chrismcg, Oct 27, 2008.

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    I'v recently moved to Canada from Ireland and hoped i'd be able to find a job building fibreglass boats as i have been for the last few years but unfortunatly i cant find anything suitable or offering some bit decent money if anyone has any ideas about where to look or know of any places looking for boatbuilders i'd love to hear about it.
  2. buckknekkid
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    not boats but

    Jack Witcher fibreglass jack ( eire expat)
  3. watchkeeper

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    GRP boatbuilding

    I know a few places needing now and in the future experienced glass guys with monolithic build and supervisor experience I can help you with but nothing in Canada
  4. marshmat
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    Campion, Doral, Grew, and a number of other big-name builders have major production facilities in Ontario.

    Unfortunately, the economic turmoil of the present day has taken a bigger toll on boatbuilders than on many others. Boats are the first thing to take a hit when the economy dives, and one of the last to recover when things turn profitable again.

    Ontario's manufacturing sector is in rough shape right now, thanks to slumping US demand and a couple of years of way-too-high Canadian dollar. You may find it prudent to expand your search to other fields, besides boatbuilding, where your expertise could prove useful.
  5. lazerus
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  6. chrismcg
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    chrismcg Junior Member

    cheers guys but i relocated to vancouver and got a job within 2 hours thanks anyway
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