Is the 13' Bingo from a good first boat?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by green1181, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. green1181
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  2. Manie B
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    nice boat all good

    but i would rather go for this

    13 is tiny - 15 is quite a bit bigger and if you have children this 15 is great

    your 35 hp is definately worth it - service it well or get and expert to look at it - it could give you all the fun you are looking for and light on fuel.

    do yourself a favour BUILD A BOAT it is pure magic at the end of the day:D :D

    i am on my 4th (not finished) and all ready working on my next bigger build:idea:
  3. nordvindcrew
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    I would sugest you take a look at Phil Bolgers Diablo. It is a stitch and tape build that yields a very nice looking boat that will handle your 35 HP outboard (I think, check out the specs to be sure)
  4. green1181
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    Maine, That looks like a great boat for fishing in. It would be perfect for here in halifax, NS. Im kinda torn between the slick look of the bingo but I do a lot of fishing so that might be great for both.

  5. marshmat
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    The Bingo is a neat little thing, but you'd have a hard time carrying anything more than yourself and a passenger (maybe two, if they're kids).

    Bolger's Diablo is a great boat. I launched mine in '01 and have taken her on Lake Ontario, Lake Simcoe, Georgian Bay, the Rideau canal... an excellent all-round boat, and with a steady hand on the tiller she'll easily and safely handle seas of 4-6 feet, with 4 crew. She is higher-sided and probably drier than the OB15 mentioned above. The one downside is that she is a pain in the arse to dock when unloaded, being extremely light with lots of windage up front.

    Diablo is meant for 20-25 hp and will do OK with a 15. She goes like a bat out of hell with a 30 and will pull a 200lb skier with this engine. While Bolger would probably disapprove, one builder reportedly fitted a 40, with impressive results. I would strongly advise fitting remote steering and a full motor well if you were to use more than 25 hp with this boat; the structure as designed can handle it but with tiller steering and a big engine it's hard to get the weight far enough forward to avoid porpoising at 30+ mph.
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