is mercury the same as yamaha?

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by mr curious, Jul 26, 2008.

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    Yes this is true --and save yourself quite a few bucks too over the 3.5.

    Disgusting really when for the 3.5 you are actually buying less.

    Actually they dont do that any more. I recently bought a little merc 2,5 and immediately tried to take out the washer to find that they now fit a large slide that will not fully open. This means you have to saw the top of the slide off. Still the same thing but more difficult than just popping out the restrictor.
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    Thanks ari.
    That may explain the Failure I had. The Electronic package failed. $130. later its running like a top.
    The Jap electronics were always pretty good. So I'm gussing if the motor was made in Malasya maybe the Electronics was too.

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    I'm sure Ari would have enjoyed more boat-related conversations..

    I would like to ask everyone who knew/ conversed with Ari-patience s/o genius to say a little prayer for him as he passed away of a heart attack end of October last year.

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