Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by K'ledgeBldr, Oct 26, 2007.

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    Thanks lubber . I didnt know I needed clarification but you hit the nail on the head. Sorry if someone thought I was short and abrupt.
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    This is a fast-growing thread; you seem to have hit a nerve! I am following a similar thread from a guy who wants to get into boat building, but it's because he wants to, not because he has to. He is getting similar good advice.

    However, I don’t see the “desire” factor in your postings. Growing up around boats is great and I envy you that but buying and selling fixer boats for a living may be a recipe for poverty in the first few years especially if you are carrying a mortgage.

    If you don’t really ache to work on boats, what about making furniture? Or move to where the house market is still alive. Or, if you have the desire and there are boat-works in your area, employment with a company will let you earn as you learn.

    To be your own boss you will need financing and knowledge of market values, where to buy, what’s fixable, materials and what sells. Unlike a house a boat has few flat surfaces, straight lines and right-angles and you will be using tools like spokeshaves, low-angle planes, pull saws and bevel gauges that you may not find in construction. You probably know all that, but it will test your resolve.
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    You cant work the boat market , till you KNOW the boat market.

    So get a job with a broker , see what sells , what doesn't, and figgure out WHY.

    I second the handyman , home improvement , work position while the house market adjusts.

    Here in FL we had 25 years of appreciation in 4 years , and the current owners are still dreaming of the big bucks of the peak.
    Houses like boats are actually "waisting assets", and need constant maint to retain any value.

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    O.K.- I think the fog is beginning to clear. I'm going to find a plane to Max Factor! LOL
    Really, I think I'm beginning to see a directional course- Go to work for a brokerage ( if they'll hire me), learn the "business", watch the market, get inside track to possible projects, and maintain low profile while working on project. That leaves- save marriage, keep mortgage, maintain money tree for kids. Got it!
    With that said, please don't stop the input- this is better than any school course or hard knocks school- Hell, who knows- maybe I'll turn this into a thesis for a master's degree. Just kidding. Finding employment is an overtime job.
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    You will need a Blue Blaizer , your teeth whitened , and some boast shoes to become a broker.

    And to learn about 50 nautical words.

    Good Luck in your learning experience.

    A copy of Dave Pascoe's books on power boats will put you above 98% pf the brokers .

    Many many surveys on line free! To let you know the problems with different brands,

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    Build a Paradox and sell it get your feet wet. If the price is right you should be able to turn these little boat.
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    The least Ive paid for a boat was $135.00 USD.
    I bought a 1942 Monk 50 foot Bridgedeck.
    Drydock fees, hours spent over 1 year nearly full time rebuilding her.
    Rain, Snow, Ice, Heat ect. All weather conditions refiting the hull and rebuilding the engines. Vintage Chrysler Royal Marines.
    Just learn to spell BOAT.

    Yes, I made money. More important. I made alot of new friends who would visit, give advice, laugh and even make bets on if it would float or sink during launch!

    Ive made more money per hour, flipping 17 ft boats in far less time.

    FACT: All Boats Are for Sale! Sign or no sign in the window...
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    That is a big risk.... can it be done yes but more people lose money on boats then make money you have to know the right boat to buy
    never buy a boat to far gone
    wood boats are hard to sell but are going up in price
    you wont make much per hour but you can get lucky sometimes
    before you buy a boat look at hat it needs and the coast

    like a 45 foot aft cabin we will you picked it up for 10 k and now you need gen set $8,000
    4 marine airs can set you back $7,000
    paint 1,000
    heads $750 each
    There is so much that will cost you time and money you will die
    but can it be done yes, but you have to find the boats that people don't know what they have. and you have to know how to fix them with out it killing you.

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    S***! I'm going wrong way. Building my own from sratch and planning to quit working as soon as the paint dries... And go to maintain low profile in a place where sand is hot and drinks are cool..
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