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  1. Frosty

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    Is it possible to get a boat of 40 feet and cut the bottom out of it and rebuild a new one without inverting the boat or ripping out interior.

    How would you do that. Ive heard of it being done --the mind boggles --well mine does.
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    I would think inverting the boat would be pretty low on the list of concerns at that point. Unless you are still living on the thing. On a steel boat it is done a couple plates at a time. I've seen a reef damaged 50' FRP that was redone. The factory splashed a partial hull and it was grafted on. This after the insurance co. totalled it and paid out.
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    I've done it on wooden boats of several different build methods, so yes, it's can be done. It's not for the faint of heart or the ill prepared. The last one I did was a keel, floors and bottom planking replacement job. The boat hung in "space" for a few months.
  4. Frosty

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    Yes ive heard of steel frigates being re bottomed in Singapore in a couple of weeks. The story was they they were cutting as the crew was truing to get off.

    Its fibre glass I was more interested in where some mold must (I pressume ) be used.

    Steel and wood is easy peezy in comparison.

  5. watchkeeper

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    A Turk skipper drove his bosses new mono hard chine hull 75' motor yacht over a reef just north of Bodrum.
    The impact damaged the stem, keel and took out the entire (GRP sheathed plywood) hull from amiddships aft below the bilge with engine room floor incl. plant etc intact & transom left sitting on the reef.

    The now bottomless hull was salvaged off the reef and docked on stands at the then Bodrum Marina now Karada Marina.

    Later the engineroom was recovered, and delivered to a local yard with the hull and the motor yacht rebuilt, successfully relaunched several months later.

    If I can find the photos I took (2005) I'll post them.
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